by Goon

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Ryan Savitski: vocals
Davey Casterline: guitar
Tommy Norton: drums
Frankie Yuhas: bass

Holy fucking shit, look at that face period.


released April 3, 2015

Recorded at the Time Table Studio Space on 3/28/2015.
Mixed by Derek Jolley
Mastered by Danny Washington
This record is TTRC#32
Cover Artwork by Peter Maria



all rights reserved


Goon Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Intro / Youth Crew
United we stand through and through
Its who we are, the fucking youth crew
A positive outlook, an X on my hand
No one can change who I am
We will never stand for this, violence, hate, and prejudice
This is how I want to stay
Don't give a fuck what you have to say
Misfit by society cause they can't face reality
Too fucking blind to face the truth
This is the path that I fucking choose

We won't break, we won't bend
Youth crew till the fucking end
Track Name: Keep It Clean
For myself, I choose this path
Never fucking looking back
What do you not understand?
You tell me that you don't approve
You can't face the fucking truth
Nothing left to fucking prove

Straight edge cause I want to be
I would rather keep it clean
It's something that's not for me
And this is how I want to be

Not for me
Keep it Clean
Track Name: Smarten Up
You were just like us, you stayed away
You kept an open mind, you had your say
A positive future if you stayed the same
You were proud of yourself for the life you gave
But now you've changed yourself for them
You're completely different from who you've been
Tagged along with the fucking crowd
How can you be so careless now
Won't change my ways to be your friend
It's not fucking worth it in the end
This friendship's gone, you've lost my trust
Maybe next time you'll fucking smarten up

Clear my head of all this pain
This friendship's going down the drain
You changed your ways and that's fucked up
Maybe next time you'll fucking smarten up
Smarten up
Track Name: Bust
Who gives a fuck what they have to say
Live your life in your own way
You're free to think for your fucking self
Accept the views of no one else
Pressure to change to fit with the crowd
Be yourself and be fucking proud
Think for yourself
Express your views
You don't have to follow anyone's rules

Think for yourself
Think for yourself

Don't let anyone tell you who to be
Think for yourself, it's what you believe
You're only young once, don't watch from the side
Don't try to control it release what's inside